Friday, 12 August 2016

Saturday, 16 April 2016

RESHOOT - Amiga Demo

Richard Löwenstein has been very busy working on RESHOOT, A brand new shoot´em-up for the Commodore Amiga (AGA) platform.

RESHOOT features: 
* Bullet Hell
* Modern Art
* Rythmbased Gameplay
* All Assembler
* Full 60 Hertz Framerate
* Flow Experience

A Shoot em up of Survival

A demo is available on Richards Patreon website 

The image below is the Ham-8 Splash screen

Other Links:
EAB Forums (join in the discussion and feedback here :))



It's always nice to be able to show some insight into the development of the game.  Below are some example animated sprites showing on the left the 3D rendered versions and the final game sprites (4 colours) on the right.

Below shows the palette used for the background and main enemy sprites (8 colours). Colours 5 to 8 are collision colours.  

Tools Used:

- Brilliance II (Amiga)
- Photoshop (Mac)
Graphic Converter - (Mac)
(excellent converter for 24bit IFF files to then import into Brilliance II and save as Ham-8 files)

Game tested on a Mac using FS-UAE


--- For anyone interested in a desktop wallpaper, here is the promotional/box art graphic at 4960x3508 pixels :)

FULL resolution 24bit version

Vampire users: 24bit colour version (960x600)

Vampire users: 8 colour version (960x600)

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A-MIGA Paint

A-MIGA Paint

Is a concept for AmigaOS machines.

A modern painting/animation software tool that blends all the nice features of our favourite paint programs on the Amiga (Deluxe Paint/Brilliance)

I've spend months on the project back in 2013.  These files sit on my harddrive and while I have always enjoyed contributing to other paint packages in recent times, I still crave good tools.

Current tools I use are:

PPaint 7.3 (68k)
Brilliance 2 

Main Menu and Various tools

Zoomed export - custom Png Alpha menu

Tileable texture creation panel with zoom

Symmetry tool

Other designs not included in the post include:

- Complex gradient generators using images with colour limit settings
- Saving animated brushes with Sprite editor
- Lighting effects
- Animated gradients (think modern colour cycling)

...and much more... One can Dream :)

Other tools used in the past:

Opalpaint | TVpaint-AuraPaint | Gimp | ?

MIG n ZIGGY - Amiga Platform Game - 2015-2016 update

MIG n ZGGY update:

Project Concept has had a few small updates since the first post in May 2015.
Space level, Egypt and Ice Level started.

The example maps below are by no means completed. 
This stage is testing how well or not the tiles work together.

"Alex Zirconstar and the Escape from planet Sina" - Amiga 68k game

"Alex Zirconstar and the Escape from planet Sina" - Amiga 68k game.

Some time ago last year (2015) I posted a teaser image, these are some concept images for different levels showing the 16 colour palette used.

Created in PPaint 68k and Photoshop.

Patrick Nevian deserves the credit for the excellent music tracks and game/level design.

The game will hopefully be released in the new month or so.


2015 has been a very busy year The next few post will be a collection of what I have been working on and the focus for 2016.

Some information of other projects.

P.S. The above image was a bootscreen concept for the Amiga NG machines (elements of the design have been removed) but I have always liked the idea of a few boing balls bouncing.

Thankyou for viewing :)

Friday, 4 September 2015


CONCEPTS for different games that never quite made it past the Harddrive.

This post shows some concepts for games for different platforms, that never made it past concept stage (some for good reason). 

Concept 01 - "RAZZOR"

This game originally designed on the Amiga using Brilliance 2 software (see below images). Later updated using Lightwave and Photoshop (above). The game would be similar to Alien Breed or Alien Syndrome with a few twists.